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Sunday, October 3, 2010

I’m sterile and she’s a prostitute–Runaway lover boy

Ferdinand Evers, the German Consulate staff who allegedly impregnated a Nigerian woman, Rose Gabriel, and fled the country, has denied paternity of the child, claiming he could not father a child as he was sterile.

Evers was reacting to a report in the Sunday Sun of September 26, 2010. Narrating his own side of the story on the telephone from Germany, the harried German vehemently faulted Rose’s claim.
I’m sterile, I cannot impregnate a woman

Evers told Sunday Sun that there was no way he could have impregnated Rose as he is sterile and does not have the capability to impregnate a woman. He added that even if he could, Rose’s baby looked too white to be his child.

“I am not white like that baby. I am brownish but that baby is really white. That cannot be my baby,” he stressed.

She is a prostitute
He further said he didn’t meet Rose at a wedding a she claimed, as, according to him, he had never attended a wedding in Nigeria. “Honestly, I would like to attend a Nigerian wedding, but I have never had the opportunity. I met her at a night club, Pattern Bar, at Victoria Island, Lagos. That is where she works and, in fact, is very popular there. The club is owned by Lebanese people and she works there, looking for clients. What I think is that she had met another European who impregnated her as she does not go for dark-skinned men, only whites.”

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