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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day widows went fasting for Jonathan

It’s not everyday that you witness such an assemblage of widows. Penultimate Sunday, scores of young, middle-aged and elderly widows converged on an enclosed field along Old Ojo Road, Mazamaza, opposite the Festac First Gate in Lagos. Their mission? To fast and pray for the successful conduct of next year’s general elections.

The women had more plans, actually. They also raised their voices to the heavens in supplication to the Almighty, pleading with God to ensure that President Goodluck Jonathan is again sworn in as the nation’s president on May 29, next year.

And when they were done with their prayers, each of the women got some measure of rice, toiletries and clothing from the Jesus Loving Care Global Outreach Inc., a Lagos-based non-governmental organisation that cares for widows and orphans. The organisation is promoted by Prince Odimegwu Ofokansi and his wife, Princess Ify Chuka.

From their location, the women’s voices flowed to the main road, forcing many a passer-by to venture near the venue and inquire what the whole din was all about. Then you see the women in their numbers praying to God for peace and stability in the country, especially as the nation chooses new leaders next year.

All of a sudden, a louder din rent the air as the supplicants prayed for the success of President Jonathan at the general polls next year. According to them, the country would fare much better if Jonathan’s aura and good luck continue to pervade the Nigerian air for another four years.
So what informed these prayers, you asked the organisers. Ofokansi said the widows come together once every month at the venue. There, they are prayed for and offered words of consolation from the Bible, after which they are given food items, toiletries and clothing, among others.

“But today, we decided that we are going to be praying and fasting for the successful conduct of next year’s elections. And we have also looked at all those seeking to contest the presidential elections next year. We discovered that President Jonathan is the best among the lot. So we decided to pray to God for President Jonathan to emerge winner of next year’s presidential polls. We know God answers the prayers of widows and he will also answer these prayers.”
Ofokansi said the organisation, which he referred to as a ministry, covers more than widows and the fatherless. “We also care for prisoners,” he said. “Not too long ago, we were at Kirikiri to bless the prisoners,” he said.

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