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Monday, October 4, 2010

Holy war against kidnappers

Bishop of Enugu Anglican diocese Rt. Rev[Dr] Emmanuel Chukwuma is not known to hedge or hesitate in airing his views . At the recent standing committee meeting of Church of Nigeria, a retreat for all bishops, their wives and delegates, he managed to squeeze out 10 minutes to speak on some current issues.

He announced that he had placed a course on kidnappers in the South East insisting that only their repentance and return to straight life will change the situation.

A lot of candidates have declared their intention to run the affairs of Nigeria come next year. Of all these candidates can you assess them and recommend?
One thing is for people to declare and my assessment of candidates will definitely take cognizance of their past records. Going by their assessment and my own observation I believe that Nigeria needs a Joshua, a Joshua that will lead us to the ‘promised land.’ Some who have been there before and have failed should not aim to retuen.

I don’t know what magic they have again to offer, particularly we are talking about democracy, and we will not want a military democracy. So first and foremost anybody who has been in the military ruling cadre for this country is not qualified, because we don’t want a soldier in democratic uniform, because they have been there before and I don’t know what they are looking for again. Then those people who are the civilians, what we shall assess is their integrity, their honest disposition to lead the country .

Story By Alvan Ewuzie
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