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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bio, Ekeji to blame for Fifa ban - Green

A member of the former board of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Chris Green, has singled out Sports Minister Isa Bio for blame following the recent decision of Fifa to suspend Nigeria from all competitive football.

Green told SuperSport.com that Bio and the director general of the National Sports Commission must take responsibility for the current low in Nigerian football.

“Both men are responsible for this. They were adamant in arbitrarily installing certain persons into the board of the federation. In the process they violated article 13 of the Fifa statutes, as it has to do with external interference in the running of football by an affiliate member.”

The football chief, who was a former commissioner for sports in Rivers State, further disclosed that football in Nigeria will suffer immensely in the coming days unless rapid steps are taken to correct the situation.

“I fear for our youth. All our male and female national teams, clubs and youth sides have automatically sacrificed their positions at regional, continental and global meets due to the selfishness of two inviduals. Nigeria as a nation was not compelled to become a member of Fifa in 1945. When you decide to become an affiliate of an association like Fifa, you have to realise that its laws, rules, regulations, acts and statutes are binding on you. Unfortunately, both Patrick Ekeji and Isa Bio did not think of this” he said.

Fifa yesterday announced that the suspension of Nigeria will be maintained until the court actions against the former board of the NFF have ceased and the duly elected executive committee is able to work without any interference.


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